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School Counseling
Mrs. Tracy Connell Phone Icon 731-986-8223 Email Icon Email


SENIORS Scholarship

Online SAT registration and materials for test preparation. Our school code is 430-935.

Students can electronically submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. All students who need financial aid for college need to apply. To submit electronically you will need to apply for a pin number through this website also.

NCAA Clearinghouse
Provides information for students planning to participate in athletics at the college level. All college student athletes must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.



Free scholarship search

7 steps to scholarship searching
7 steps to scholarship searching, from The Next Step Magazine

Looking for AACT/SAT prep?
Looking for ACT/SAT prep help? Click the link provided.

The Arts Application

The Arts application may be downloaded at the MTSU web site

Suicide Prevention

Talk with an adult (parents, teacher, clergy, etc.) or call your local crisis center if you suspect a friend or loved one is contemplating suicide. Please, do not take these situations as a joke, it is very serious.

Signs to look for:

Depression, abrupt changes in behavior, mood swings, crying spells, recent grief or losses, changes in school performances, giving away treasured belongings, suicidal threats, hopelessness, and much much more.

Please do not take this type of thing lightly.

Do everything you can do to get help, or to help a friend/ loved one.



Insist on honesty

Feelings...share them

Extend a helping hand

College Scholarship

This website will match your student up with most appropriate scholarships.

Coca-cola Scholarship

Heisman Award

Wendy's Heisman Award Scholarship,  Criteria to be met is maintained a 3.0 and participated in at least one athletic activity.

ACT Registration

Test dates as well as registration for the ACT.

Scholarship Search Websites
link to variety of assistance

links to scholarships, grants, loans, grad aid

Mobile app

Mobile app that helps students find scholarships

Free Scholarship Search Engine

Free scholarship and financial aid

Scholarship Search Help

Provides information and resources for your scholarship search

Merit Aid Scholarships

Free source of merit scholarships

Dell Scholar Program

Recognizes academic potential and determination in students that have a definite financial need

Aid and Internships

Awards 10,000 students over 400 scholarships and internships from low to moderate income families to afford tuituion, fees and books

Connection to colleges and funding

connect with  scholarships and learn about colleges

How to link

A toolbox for scholarships

TN Promise
TN Promise

Opens August 17, 2015 for registration until November 2nd.  This will provide 2 years of tuition at a community college or a TN College of Applied Technology.