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Cross Country Team

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Cross Country Team

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Huntingdon High School as of January 2012 has decided to add a competitive sport to their list of athletics. The team began competition in the Fall of 2012. Coach Elizabeth Lott and Coach Poole are the coaches for the team.


Guiding Principle

  • Nurture a love of running/promote healthy lifestyles

  • Assist athletes in discovering their Never Ending Strength by setting personal goals and working hard to achieve them

  • Enrich student life at HHS through athletics

  • Provide a positive team experience in which all members contribute to our team



All races for cross country are 5K races (3.1 miles)

The cross country team will travel to meets after school

Cross country season is Fall





Cross Country running is a sport that everyone can be involved with. It takes dedication, endurance, and hardwork. The best part, Everyone gets to play!